Frets On Fire with Rockband Drums HowTo

I’ve borrowed a Xbox360 Rockband-Drum-Kit from a friend of mine and want you to tell how I get it to work under Ubuntu (LinuxMint)

  1. Frets on Fire does not support Drum by default, so you can install some Mods, or (easier) you can use „FoFiX„. It is a modded version of Frets on Fire and support Drums. (Download here
  2. To use the Drums on PC I installed a tool called „QJoypad„.
  3. Then I plugged in the Drum-Kit and set the Keys (e.g. using Quick Set). You can use every Key-combination you want, it does not matter because you can set them in FoFiX.
  4. After extracting the downloaded fofix-verion-number.tar.gz you have open a Terminal and move into the src Folder in the extracted Directory. To start foxix you have to set the file as an executable (by using the preferences menu or the command chmod +x)
  5. To start FoFiX just run python in the FoFiX-Directory. You don’t have to install FoFiX. (But you must have installed python from the Respositorys)
  6. Set the configured Keys from QJoypad in the configuration menu of FoFiX, and test the configuration if you want.

And thats it… I wish you lots of Fun by playing FoFiX with Drums 😀

Songs with Drum support can be found in the Frets on Fire Forum (after Registration) or on the Internet by searching for „Frets on Fire Drum Songs“

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