Synchonysation N900, Googlecalendar and Rainlendar

First a few words: I’m accustomed to the Calendar program „Rainlendar„. I’m using it since a few years now and I don’t want to change my habits and use an other program. So I was searching for a synchronization-solution to get Rainlendar up to date with the calendar of my N900. I found the following solution. It is a little bit inconvenient, but it works fine.

The synchronization-concept is based on a Googlecalendar, because this can be easily synchronized with the N900 app „Ermining-NG“ wich can be installed from the extras-devel repository.
The sync between Rainlendar and Googlecalendar works with a java program called „GCalDeamon“ wich can be downloaded here.


  • enable the extras-devel repository and install ermining-ng with your favourite app-manager
  • Create a new profile and enter your googlecalendar username and password


  • download and unzip this package and install GCalDeamon like it’s described here
  • Now go to the rainlendar options dialog and choose the googlecalendar (normaly it’s added automaticly)
  • and if you want to run the GCalDeamon in the background from the start, you have to put the /path_to_script/ to the startup applications

And now it’s done. If you’re changing dates in Rainlendar the GCalDeamon synchronize them with the Googlecalendar. On the N900 does Ermining-NG (with the right setting) synchronize the dates with the built-in calender once a day.

Attention: Ermining-NG can only synchronize calendars, witch are marked as „Private“. Synchronisation of „Smart“ or „Synchronized“ calenders does not work for me.


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